Group Insurance Solutions

Group Insurance Solutions

About Us

Why Choose a Career in the Field of Insurance?

Insurance provides not only protection against the risk of loss as a form of financial security to policyholders and beneficiaries, but it also offers peace of mind. Those persons who choose a career in insurance are generally people oriented and driven by customer satisfaction. They are not only involved in the sales and service of various product offerings, but may also be in roles which assist in the day to day operations of the industry. Many thousands have found exciting work environments, which allow them to take hold of unique challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Why Group Insurance Solutions?

Simply put, a different approach. At Group Insurance Solutions we recognize that the days of traditional selling and servicing insurance needs are long gone. As insurance professionals, we focus on building client relationships, selling solutions rather than products or services, and actively listening to determine client needs and address concerns.

Group Insurance Solutions Adds Value

So, what's added value? It's more than quality products, good service and low prices. Added value benefits the customer in ways that go beyond their own product or service and sets us apart from rivals. We offer clients financial analysis or advice on ways they can minimize risk.

We can only be as good as its people and we are determined to ensure that we continue to recruit those of the highest quality, no matter the discipline, who can make a real contribution to our continued growth. We are constantly in search of creative people who possess the education standards, work experience, communications skills and technical skills that meet our established performance standards and who, in conjunction with personal characteristics that foster teamwork and cooperation, would promote a positive image of the company to our clients.

We support a working environment free of personal harassment and has established an appropriate policy, which applies to all of its employees.

Group Insurance Solutions believes in:

  • Continuous improvement of our people, our systems and the services we provide
  • Providing reward consistent with performance and corporate values
  • Meaningful, timely and consistent feedback about performance and results
  • Promoting education and self improvement through employment policies and financial support
  • In house training programs
  • Assurance of pride and mutual respect throughout the organization

We continually work towards new challenges and new goals, which invariably leads us to new and different ways of building the expertise of our people and thus the value they bring to our clients. In turn, our employees see a wider range of Career Opportunities as well as opportunities for advancement.


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