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Corporate History

July 1, 1982 - HED was formed by the merger of Hayhurst Insurance Brokers, Lynch Elias Dudek and Associates Inc. and Harriott & Associates of Canada (1974) Ltd. Each of the three predecessor companies specialized in association group insurance programs.

1992 - HED purchased Petplan Insurance which since 1989 has been dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership through meeting the comprehensive insurance needs of pet health care (for dogs and cats) in Canada.

July 1, 1995 - Hilb, Rogal and Hamilton (HRH), an American firm, purchased Hayhurst Elias Dudek Inc. making HED their first Canadian acquisition.

1996 - HRH, through HED, then purchased Depres, Harland and Associates, who specialized in insurance and bonding for contractors, regular commercial brokerage and personal lines. This merger represented a strong complement to HED's own specialty areas and an even greater volume of brokerage business.

Late 1997 - HRH chose to focus on the US domestic intermediary market. As a result, HED management was invited to acquire HED and an agreement was concluded on December 31, 1998. The Co-Operators Group became a shareholder when it assisted HED’s management in completing a management buyout of HRH.

December 2003 - VenGrowth Capital Partners Inc. (VenGrowth), one of Canada’s largest private equity firms with well over $1 billion under management, made their investment in HED. This allowed HED to capitalize a federally registered insurer to convert its Petplan division to a more efficient insurer-based operating model. It also allowed HED to redeem the previous minority equity stake held by the Co-Operators Group.

July 2004 - SecuriCan General Insurance Company was formed as a subsidiary of HED (formerly operating as Petplan).

October 2006 - Western Financial Group, a Western Canada based financial services company which provides insurance, investment and banking products acquired a minority ownership stake in HED. In tandem, VenGrowth Capital Partners investment partnership ended.

September 2009 - Western Financial Group acquires 100% ownership of HED.

May 1, 2010 - HED’s name changes to Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions.

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