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Western Financial Group (Network) Inc.

Group Insurance Solutions represents thousands of businesses and many associations across Canada. The foundation of our success is based on providing the right products, pricing, service, and rate stability which cannot be found by any other broker through the traditional marketplace with large insurance companies. We are very proud of our partnering with Sobeys and sharing their success.

Often, firms that are part of traditional open market programs with large insurance companies are paying high premiums for too little coverage and are subject to substantial fluctuations in rates. The structure of our program allows our insured firms to benefit from rate stability, cost effectiveness, administrative efficiencies, flexibility in plan choice, and strength in numbers.

Our commitment to Sobeys Franchised and Affiliated Stores is to provide the right level of coverage:

  • Group Insurance Solutions representatives will work with store owners in order to help them understand various coverage options and together decide on the best way to protect their employees from unforeseen losses and expenses.
  • You are not limited to one or two health and dental options, rather you can choose from one of several options to suit your needs.

Advantages with Group Insurance Solutions:

  • We will provide English and French speaking sales representatives.
  • We will work with store owners in providing the right level of coverage, recognizing the unique needs of the industry, and individual store.
  • Premiums and rates will reflect strength in numbers and provide immediate savings and long-term rate stability.